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In 2020, Pennsylvania changed its requirements and regulations for behavioral health providers to allow children up to 21 years old with a mental health diagnosis and a written order to receive ABA services, including 1:1 ABA therapy with a behavior technician, supervision and program development by a BCBA, and group therapy for social and emotional development. 

Information on Applied Behavior Analysis:

Information on ABA Group Services:

Information on How to Receive IBHS-ABA Services

  1.  Obtain a written order from a qualifying licensed provider​
    • An individual with a qualifying license can be:

      • Physician or Physician’s Assistant

      • Family doctor

      • Psychologist or Psychiatrist

      • Licensed clinical social worker or Licensed professional counselor

      • Licensed marriage and family therapist

  2. Give the written order to an IBHS provider (such as Hummingbird ABA Therapy) to begin providing services to your child.

  3. IBHS will then begin with the assessment of your child’s strengths and challenges, the strengths and needs of your family, existing and needed supports for your child and what you need to help your child.​

    • The written order and assessment will be used to develop your child’s Individual Treatment Plan (ITP). Your child’s ITP includes the goals of your child’s services and the people who are responsible for helping to implement each ITP goal.

If you are in need of a Written Order form to have your child's existing provider complete, you may find one here: Written Order Form for IBHS-ABA Services  


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