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Center-Based ABA Therapy

ABA Centers (sometimes called Clinics) are the preferred therapy setting for many families, as they provide structured and individualized support to clients with trained staff and increased support. Center-based services are often the most individualized to your child’s needs and can be a great way to grow and learn the necessary skills.

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Centre County’s Only ABA Therapy Center


Our current center is located on 2160 Sandy Drive, Suite D, State College, PA


Our ABA therapy center is designed to be tailored to your child's unique needs and treatment plan. Our space provides a school-like setting where your child can work with their 1:1 BHT and engage with peers to build social skills and routines. 


Each child has their own work area and materials that are rotated or replaced as they master different skills. Staff complete sanitizing and cleaning of our center and materials multiple times throughout the day. Children are encouraged to bring snacks and/or lunch depending on the time they are scheduled at the center and practice important skills. 


While our center is designed more for children under 8, there is some flexibility as needed, depending on the clinical needs of older children. 


Your child's individual routine will be discussed with you once their schedule is determined with your ABA Supervisor. Depending on their clinical needs, clients receive anywhere from 3-35 hours of center-based services per week.

Benefits of Center-Based ABA Therapy

Experience focused skill development in our purposefully designed environment with Center-Based ABA Therapy. Intensive interventions and structured sessions promote targeted progress and social interactions. 

This setting, complemented by In-School and Home-Based services, creates a supportive continuum of care for individuals seeking comprehensive development and growth.


How to Start Services

Before getting on our waitlist, please review the following information about our services: 

Your first step to receiving ABA Therapy with us is to get on our waitlist. When we are approximately 3 months away from being able to being your child's assessment, someone from our office will send you an intake packet with forms to complete and request that you send us a Written Order for ABA Services from an existing behavioral health or physical health provider that your child has seen within the last 6 months recommending ABA Therapy. We also will require a copy of the most recent diagnostic report. Once we receive all required documentation, we will assign your child to an ABA Supervisor and they will reach out to schedule the 3-4 week long assessment, which includes at least 3 observations of the child in various settings and situations.


Many of our clients receive transportation to/from our center from their IU or School District if necessary. However, Hummingbird ABA Therapy does not provide transportation to our clients. For those traveling from outside of State College, you may want to inquire with your MA Office about the Medical Assistance Transportation Program that can reimburse your roundtrip mileage for center services.

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Insurance Coverage

Hummingbird ABA Therapy currently accepts Aetna, Geisinger, Capital Blue Cross, Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield, UPMC, Cigna, United Healthcare/Optum, and Magellan, as well as PA Medical Assistance (CCBH). We are a licensed IBHS provider for Centre, Huntington, Mifflin, Blair, and Juniata counties in PA.

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It is important to note that if your child does not have an autism diagnosis, commercial insurance will not typically cover ABA services, but it will be covered by Medical Assistance. If your child does not currently have Medical Assistance (which they should qualify for if they have a diagnosis that qualifies them for ABA Therapy), it is recommended that you apply online at the Compass Website in order to ensure coverage for services. 

If you have a question about payments/billing, please contact:

After reviewing the above information, if you would like to put your child on our waitlist, you can complete the ABA Waitlist Request Form.


Getting Started

Join our waitlist today to reserve your spot for services. After we receive your submission, we will review it and reach out regarding next steps.

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