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Group ABA Therapy

Recognizing the importance of social interaction with peers of similar age, we provide Group ABA Therapy at our center specifically designed for current middle school clients with autism or behavioral health diagnoses. 

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​Building Meaningful Relationships


Please note that Group ABA Therapy necessitates an initial ABA Assessment and is currently available exclusively as part of our comprehensive therapy services rather than as a standalone option.


Group ABA therapy often teaches social skills relevant to your child’s needs. This doesn’t mean that social skills are not worked on at other times, but these times are often billed differently to insurance, focusing on the social interactions between peers.


Typically, our Group ABA Services are still provided with a 1:1 Behavioral Health Technician (BHT), although in some cases, when there are multiple clients with similar needs, goals, and skill sets, we will do a 2:1 Client-to-BHT ratio during these times. Group ABA Therapy is primarily offered at our center but can also be offered at community camps or schools if appropriate.


In order for your child to receive Group ABA Therapy services, they must have Group ABA hours listed on their Written Order, and their ABA supervisor would need to recommend it during their initial assessment or reassessment. 

Social Skills Group

Hummingbird ABA Therapy offers Social Skills Groups as a form of Group ABA Therapy for select age ranges and skill sets.

Currently we have a Middle School (6th-8th grade) group that meets weekly. 

We will be starting a 4th and 5th Grade Group. 


Hummingbird ABA’s Social Skills Groups are still part of IBHS-ABA services, so they are only available for those who are established clients that have done the initial assessment from one of our ABA Supervisors after completing intake paperwork and obtaining a Written Order for ABA Services. 


Our Social Skills groups focus on self-advocacy, communication with peers, and building meaningful relationships with each other in a safe and supportive environment. 

All groups are capped at 5 clients and will always have 2-3 Behavioral Health Technicians (BHTs) leading with oversight by an ABA Supervisor. 


To inquire about your child joining one of our Social Skills Groups, please reach out to their ABA Supervisor!


Getting Started

Join our waitlist today to reserve your spot for services. After we receive your submission, we will review it and reach out regarding next steps.

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