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Hummingbird ABA Therapy provides Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy to children with autism, but can also be effective for intellectual disabilities, Downs Syndrome, or severe ADHD.


I was worried my child may be forced to go to a different school, but was so grateful that Hummingbird was able to advocate for my child and help them be successful in the public schools. I really love how Hummingbird schedules parent meetings with their ABA supervisor, this time is really helpful for me to hear about how things are going at school, learn ways to help my child communicate better, and help me be a more aware of his needs.

When we shared we didn't want to focus on compliance goals, our BCBA reassured us that we didn't need to worry about that, and that increasing communication and functional skills would be the focus. Our BHTs have been nothing short of wonderful. They greet our child each day with a smile, ask us about their day, and I know our child is happy and engaged with Hummingbird's BHTs. One thing I appreciate about this agency is that they follow through on the hours that are needed for the child, even if that means switching to a different BHT for a few days or seeing them at slightly different times one week. Thank you to our ABA Treatment Team. We are so grateful for you all.

Such a needed service here in PA. I feel privileged to be able to to get services with Hummingbird.

Wonderful parental interaction with Hummingbird and in awe of how they interact with my child to assist him with his needs.


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