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Home-Based ABA Therapy

In the warmth of home, where familiarity meets learning, many of our clients experience the profound impact of our services. The decision to provide therapy at home goes beyond convenience; it's about creating a nurturing space where natural learning flourishes. 

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Applied Behavior Analysis Services in Your Home


Hummingbird ABA Therapy provides in-home therapy in the child's home, where play-based, natural environment training is provided to work on their individual ABA goals. The BHT will utilize both items existing in the child's home, as well as items brought in to encourage skill development and reduction of problem behaviors. 
As your child progresses, more structure and routine is typically established, so sessions may take on more of a school or lesson format. Typically, we encourage a combination of home and center or school settings to promote the generalization of skills across settings. Home services are great for skills such as toileting, dressing, teeth brushing, and home routines. Parents/caregivers are expected to actively participate in home ABA therapy sessions as well.

Benefits of Home-Based ABA Therapy

Home-Based ABA Therapy offers a comfortable and secure environment, fostering natural learning experiences. The familiar setting allows for personalized skill-generalization opportunities, while active caregiver involvement contributes to lasting positive changes. This approach ensures therapy seamlessly integrates into daily routines, providing a holistic and effective path to progress. 

Additionally, Home-Based ABA Therapy is often used in combination with center-based and in-school therapy for a comprehensive and coordinated support system.


How to Start Services

Before getting on our waitlist, please review the following information about our services: 

Your first step to receiving ABA Therapy with us is to get on our waitlist. When we are approximately 3 months away from being able to being your child's assessment, someone from our office will send you an intake packet with forms to complete and request that you send us a Written Order for ABA Services from an existing behavioral health or physical health provider that your child has seen within the last 6 months recommending ABA Therapy. We also will require a copy of the most recent diagnostic report. Once we receive all required documentation, we will assign your child to an ABA Supervisor and they will reach out to schedule the 3-4 week long assessment, which includes at least 3 observations of the child in various settings and situations.

Insurance Coverage

Hummingbird ABA Therapy currently accepts Aetna, Geisinger, Capital Blue Cross, Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield, UPMC, Cigna, United Healthcare/Optum, and Magellan, as well as PA Medical Assistance (CCBH). We are a licensed IBHS provider for Centre, Huntington, Mifflin, Blair, and Juniata counties in PA.

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It is important to note that if your child does not have an autism diagnosis, commercial insurance will not typically cover ABA services, but it will be covered by Medical Assistance. If your child does not currently have Medical Assistance (which they should qualify for if they have a diagnosis that qualifies them for ABA Therapy), it is recommended that you apply online at the Compass Website in order to ensure coverage for services. 

If you have a question about payments/billing, please contact:

After reviewing the above information, if you would like to put your child on our waitlist, you can complete the ABA Waitlist Request Form.


Getting Started

Join our waitlist today to reserve your spot for services. After we receive your submission, we will review it and reach out regarding next steps.

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