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What is IBHS Therapy

These services entail personalized mental health support, delivered in various settings such as the home, school, or the community. Our trained staff engage in one-on-one interactions with your child, offering assistance in managing emotional or behavioral challenges.

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Our Intensive Behavioral Health Services

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In 2020, Pennsylvania changed its requirements and regulations for behavioral health providers to allow children up to 21 years old with a mental health diagnosis and a written order to receive ABA services, including 1:1 ABA therapy with a behavioral health technician (BHT-ABA), supervision and program development by a BCBA or BC-ABA, and group therapy for social and emotional development. This moved the state’s model from the Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services (BHRS) model to Intensive Behavioral Health Service (IBHS) model. The IBHS Requirements also provided the state with more comprehensive training requirements for BHTs, which previously was not monitored at a state level. 

As a Licensed IBHS Agency, Hummingbird ABA Therapy undergoes an annual audit ensuring that all employees receive the required trainings, clearances, and supervision required by the state. The audit also reviews a percentage of active and discharged client files including their assessments, individual treatment plans, session notes, incident or restraint reports, ensuring Written Orders were completed and followed, and that goals were updated according to the clients documented progress and needs. They also review the discharge summaries submitted to CCBH to ensure that discharges are properly documented per state standards and that Medical Assistance is notified.

Hummingbird ABA Therapy prides itself on providing 5-10% more training than required by the state to its employees, with most BHTs receiving between 75-90 paid training hours specific to ABA therapy, autism, and the services we provide in their first year as a BHT. We also work hard to ensure that our ABA Supervisors are using additional assessment measures to meet not just the state requirements, but also the requirements and recommendations of the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB) and Council for Autism Service Providers (CASP).

PA Autism IBHS-ABA information

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