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Why the

Beautiful Humming Bird

Hummingbird ABA Therapy was created in 2020 after years spent planning about a way to help individuals recognize and reach their potential and advocate for neurodiverse and autistic voices. Hummingbirds are extraordinary, resilient, and adaptable creatures.

Hummingbirds are the smallest birds and most experts agree that they shouldn't be able to fly based on their body structure. While most birds fly with upstrokes and downstrokes, the hummingbird flies forward and backward, and at all angles and directions.

Within the neurodiverse community (autistic, ADHD, mental health disorders, behavioral disorders, etc.), there are many times that people are told they cannot do something. A parent of a newly diagnosed child may be told by numerous professionals that they will be limited in their speech, independent living skills, ability to work, get married, or go to college, just to name a few. The hummingbird represents the resilience of a neurodiverse person, the ability to adapt to the world around them, but also the ability to find what works for them within their own environment without changing the critical parts of who they are.

Hummingbird ABA Therapy strives to assist families are caregivers in finding ways to give their child the tools they need to build upon their existing strengths. While they may fly a bit differently, they are very capable of flying in their own way.

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